Summit Engineering (Birmingham) Ltd

Special Processes

Electric Dry Heat AutoClave

Our Autoclaves are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature. We capacity to take 2 ton loads and product up to 45’ 11” (14 meters) long.

Remco Thermoset Strip Builder

Our Remco Thermoset Strip Building machines consist of a rubber extruder and operator-friendly applicator system mounted on a traveling platform that moves along the length of the spinning mandrel. 

Sheet Metal Working

Guillotine: It works by first clamping the material with a ram, a moving blade then comes down across a fixed blade to shear the material. We can accommodate up to a 3’.3” (1 metre) wide.

Air Press/Fly Press: our metal presses are used to manipulated either a sheet, plate or blank into a component shape which can then be cut by a die into its final form.

Electric Brazing: With the use of our electrical coil brazing facility we are brazing small components, the filler melts and seeps right into the surface of the metals we are joining, binding them together securely.

Spot Welding: When Spot welding there are generally three stages: 1. Electrodes are applied to the surface of the two metals being joined with a slight amount of pressure. 2. Current from the electrodes is then applied briefly, the current is removed and the electrodes remain in place for a short time to allow the material to cool 3. Weld times range significantly depending on the type and thickness of the metal.

Honing: We use a Delapena SpeedHone systems with a variety of tools and abrasives to finish bores to a precise size, surface finish, roundness, straightness and consistent surface texture. We have the capability to work on low to mid-volume production applications.

Lapping: We use lapping plates, to rub together two surfaces with an abrasive between them. We can work to 2 light bands (0.000023” or 0.00058mm)