Summit Engineering (Birmingham) Ltd

General Engineering

Summit Engineering defines ‘General Engineering’ as an industrial market sector catch all for the large variety of machining and assembly it takes on from a variety of industrial sectors (Electronics, Motor Sport, Automotive, Engineered Products, Industrial, Mining, Marine, Power Generation, etc.…) controlled directly by ISO9001 and where specified our customer approvals.

From our modern facility in Solihull, we develop manufacturing processes to support either the complete or part processed component/assembly condition required by our customers.

Milling, turning, drilling, grinding, remanufacturing, assembling and managing material and treatment supply chains all form part of our key core competences. See Plant List

Our investment in state of the art equipment for turning and milling not only enables us to produce a diverse range of products, from the very small tight tolerance, to large diameter, long length components, it also provides us with the capacity to respond rapidly to meet our customer demand.

We manufacture a range of components, Spacer, Connectors, Contactors, Rings, Sleeves, Shafts, Housings, Flanges, Brackets, Shrouds, Nozzles, Coupling Rings and Bodies.

Components are manufactured from a variety of material configurations: Casting, bar, billet, plate, tube or forgings.

We work with materials: Aluminium, Titanium, Inconnel, Duplex, Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, Hastalloy, Tool Steel, Carbon Steels, Nickel, Monel, Brass and Copper.